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Employment opportunities

Audit and Consulting Group UHY Yans-Audit invite an accountant for the record-keeping of sales, costs, settlements with debtors and creditors, bank


​1. Record keeping of costs, sales, receivables and payables.

Handling source documents of the relevant groups of accounting and posting and document barcoding. Preparation of data on the above-mentioned groups for drafting financial statements. Preservation of accounting documents and the preparation of such documents for archiving.

2. Reconciliations with contractual partners. Control over the provision of original documents. Work with contractual partners concerning the delivery of documents.

3. Bank: preparation of payment orders, printing out and registration of bank statements (except for payroll, taxes and accountable persons).

4. Receipt and delivery of mail. Accounting for documents in 1C: Document Management. Work with delivery companies and Russian Post.

5. Preparation of documents for tenders; letters, power of attorney, contracts and additional agreements; participation in stocktaking.


Knowledge of:

​- Federal Law On the Accounting;

- Chart of accounts and how to use it;

- Accounting Regulations Corporate Income, Corporate Costs, Correction of Errors in Accounting and Reporting;

other rules, regulations and guidelines.

- Document management for every group of accounting for costs, sales and settlements with suppliers and buyers; Организациядокументооборотапоучасткамбухгалтерскогоучетазатрат, реализации, расчетовспоставщикамиипокупателями

- Procedure for documenting and posting of costs, sales of goods (work, services and settlements with suppliers and buyers.

- Accounting for and document flow related to transport costs.

- Knowledge of other groups of accounting is a plus and necessary for undertaking duties of colleagues when they are on leave.


​Formal employment under RF Labour Code

Office located near Dinamo subway station

No business trips

Working hours: from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m., lunch break: 30 minutes

Full-time employment in employer’s office

Salary:35– 45thousand RUB

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