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UHY ranks globally 16 in the top 25 networks table by fee income (including the Big Four)
UHY International
UHY International

Audit and Consulting Group UHY Yans-Audit is a full member of an international association UHY International. 

UHY International was founded in 1986. Currently, it unites independent accounting and consulting firms in 98 countries throughout the world and is ranked among 25 largest international audit and consulting networks. More than 8100 consultants work in over 320 business centres; due to their work, total revenue earned by UHY member firms in 2017 amounted to 540 million USD. 

Headquarters of the association is in London. 

Wide range of services, uniform professional standards and methodology and thorough knowledge of local specifics – UHY offers all this to all its clients interested in international relations. 

Our company regularly participates in working groups (concerning the quality control and abroad internships for employees, in particular), training workshops and conferences held by UHY International; we implemented several projects in cooperation with our fellow members of UHY International from USA, UK, Germany and Cyprus.

UHYInternational liaison partner for UHY Yans Audit is Nikolay LitvinovPartner, Director of the Audit and Consulting Department.

​Due to effective relations among members of the association, UHY Yans-Audit can support business interests of its clients all over the world.


UHY’s motto is “Professionalism, Quality, Integrity, Innovations”. These are guiding principles for all members of the association

For more information about the association and its operation, please go to the website 


Publications: http://www.uhy.com/publications/ 

If you need a reliable and prompt support for your business interests in one of these countries or a piece of advice on matters of their laws, please contact our specialists