Tax risk assessment

We can help you choose the right tax strategy for your business!

Tax risk assessment

Any company, even a showpiece one, may face a tax audit or additional charge of taxes. Non-transparency of Russian tax legislation, constant changes in ‘the rules of the game’ and tax authorities’ determination to interpret any doubts for their own benefit result in additional charge of dozens (sometimes even thousands) million RUB and firm’s managers and founders being held liable.

As a result of a tax expert examination, you will get:

- detailed tax risk analysis taking into account the position of tax authorities and current arbitration practice

- suggestions on alternative forms of doing business and assistance in choosing the best option with minimum tax burden and civil and tax risks.

More than 17 years of experience in tax consulting


More than 150 successful court cases on tax disputes

Expert examination of particular deals concerning tax risks

In business environment, any deal results in tax risks. Disregard for such risks and general inefficiency of decision-making may adversely affect company’s performance, cause substantial financial losses, conflicts with tax authorities, fines and other sanctions.

In order to prevent such situations, it is vital to have transaction due diligence carried out, have a risk level (including tax risks) determined and take care of protection of own rights.


Under the expert examination, our specialists will carry out:

- analysis and assessment of a contract related to the deal in the context of a legal classification and compliance with current legislation (national and international)

- tax risk assessment and recommendations related to amendment or supplement of contract provisions in order to reduce tax risks

 - recommendations and assistance in recognition, to the extent of the deal, of business transactions for tax purposes.

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