Tax disputes

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Tax dispute resolution

Defending the rights of taxpayers before the tax authority, including during audits by the tax authority:

- analysis of tax risks before the start of the tax audit

- support during tax audits

- analysis of the report prepared based on the results of the tax audit

- participation as a representative (attorney) of the taxpayer with the tax authority

- appeal of decisions and actions of the tax authority to a superior tax authority


Judicial defense of taxpayer rights:

- preparation of a statement of claim, petitions, written responses to the defense of the tax authority, and other documents to be submitted to the court during court hearings

- preparation of appeals and cassation appeals

- participation in considering the case as a representative in commercial courts of first instance, courts of appeals, and courts of cassation

More than 17 years of experience in tax consulting

More than 150 successful court cases on tax disputes

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