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Support during inspections by the State Labour Inspectorate (SLI)
Support during inspections by the State Labour Inspectorate (SLI)
Representation of the client’s interests and provision of the necessary consulting services to officials of the client during inspections by the SLI, including:
- prompt provision of the required documents for examination
- preparation and provision of copies of documents requested by SLI
- extension of the term for scheduled field inspections and issue of the relevant directive
- receipt and analysis of the results of the inspection (Inspection Report and directive on eliminating violations, with deadlines)
- assessment of whether the actions of SLI officials comply with the requirements of Federal Law No. 294-FZ, with the drafting of a list of grounds for terminating the inspection and/or revoking the inspection results
- drafting and submission of objections to the Inspection Report
The effectiveness of support for an SLI inspection will depend directly on the prompt performance of full-scale measures to prepare the organisation for inspection, which will make it possible to substantially reduce the fiscal burden and other risks



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