Recruitment and personnel assessment

“The secret to successful hiring is: look for the people who want to change the world”

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce

Recruitment and personnel assessment
Business success depends largely on employees’ expertise. However, when a company is being launched or a new area of activity is open, the appropriate specialist may not always be found among staff.
In addition, it is always challenging to assess domain expert’s qualification, understand the right motivation and track their experience and reputation. Such tasks are time-consuming and require considerable experience in HR. In that case, we are delighted to offer our assistance. 
What we do:
- advise HR specialists on the current conditions of the labour market
- develop personnel search strategies, such as passive, active (direct) search and a combined strategy.
- conduct interviews with candidates using various psychological methods (cases, projective techniques etc.)
- perform professional testing (qualitative professional assessment of candidates carried out by auditors, accountants, lawyers, IT specialists)
- guaranteed replacement of a candidate without any additional charge, if such candidate fails to pass their probation period.
Satisfied clients include:


We select professionals only in areas of our activities and expertise.

Our clients often ask us for assistance to make sure that key staff they plan to employ in financial or legal departments have appropriate qualifications.

It’s no secret that ordinary recruitment agencies are not highly competent in accountancy, law, taxes and finance. 

Our HR department successfully solve these tasks engaging subject matter experts from the relevant departments in job interviews; when it is necessary to recruit top managers, interviews are also conducted by our Managing Partners.

For example, last September, an Australian company specialising in software for mining industry contacted us as they sought a financial controller for their Russian subsidiary. Moreover, the financial controller was to be a direct subordinate to the Manager of the Head Office located in Australia.


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