Real estate valuation

Only an understanding of the real value of things can give you an objective look at the big picture!

Real estate valuation
In each specific case, our experts take into consideration all significant factors (the condition of the real estate, its location, infrastructure, the synergies of real estate properties, and many other factors).
Depending on the Client’s goals and objectives, we can appraise real estate and property complexes:
- as part of the resolution of property disputes
- for the purposes of contributing property to a company’s authorised capital
- for the purposes of borrowing, where property acts as collateral
- with the aim of adjusting the tax base
- during the liquidation of real estate properties
- for the purposes of reallocating shares in property
- for the purposes of selling or leasing property
- for the purposes of insuring real estate properties

Our approach is based on a clear understanding of business objectives and effective methods for achieving them!


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