Valuation of plant and equipment

Only an understanding of the real value of things can give you an objective look at the big picture!

Valuation of plant and equipment

This is the most labour-intensive form of valuation, since equipment is characterised by a large number of different parameters and characteristics, which means that special economic-mathematical methods are required. Since as a rule the number of valuation targets is quite high, we use information technologies and systems to perform the valuation more quickly.

The most typical cases where a valuation of plant and equipment is performed are:

- valuation for borrowing purposes, where moveable property acts as collateral

- for the purposes of contributions to a company’s authorised capital

- for the purposes of a revaluation of capital assets

- to determine value for insurance

- for the sale/lease of assets

- valuation on the liquidation of the company.

Our approach is based on a clear understanding of business objectives and effective methods for achieving them!


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