Personnel documents must work at the right time!

Staff performance assessment
Assessment and testing of working personnel

Personnel assessment is needed to understand:

- whether employees are capable of quickly and properly carrying out their assignments, and of being independent and responsible

- whether employees have sufficient abilities, knowledge and skills to successfully cope with their duties

- what is the potential and what are the limitations of each employee.


Assessments are conducted using:

- professional testing

- psychological testing

- employee interviews

- completion of questionnaires.


After tests are interpreted and data analysed, a Report is written with conclusions and recommendations:

- on structural optimisation (transfers, dismissals, etc.)

- on training for specific employees

- on making job duties more specific

- on developing separate procedures and documents governing management processes

- on creating incentive systems and corporate programs for rewarding and motivating employees.



Practical example

Staff performance assessment

Transportation & logistics company that handles daily delivery of food to shops of one of the biggest Russian retailers asked us to assess man-hour efficiency of its staff.


We used the time and motion study (TMS) as an assessment tool. TMS recorded all operations performed by an employee during their working hours. Data received via TMS were recorded in the workday sheet of each employee.


As a result, we defined actual work time expenditures of each employee, which formed the basis for our opinion concerning staff optimisation and performance rates for each category of job titles as well as recommendations on changes in the existing business processes.

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