Valuation for IFRS purposes

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Valuation for IFRS purposes

One of the key stages for a company when first using IFRS is presenting items of the financial statements at their market value. Discrepancies between the book value and market value of property, plant and equipment can lead to a misstatement of the company’s value.

Services are provided in compliance with International Valuation Standards, which establish stringent requirements on valuation procedures and methodologies. Only highly qualified specialists participate in IFRS projects; their professionalism is attested by the relevant certificates and abundant practical experience.

Situations when a valuation for IFRS is needed:

- valuation of assets on first use of IFRS

- valuation of intangible assets for IFRS and US GAAP financial statements

- valuation of property, plant and equipment for IFRS financial statements

- allocation of the acquisition value of a company under IFRS and US GAAP.

Our approach is based on a clear understanding of business objectives and effective methods for achieving them!


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