Only an understanding of the real value of things can give you an objective look at the big picture!

Why choose us
Our appraisers give special attention to quality and availability of results of their work. Customer gets detailed information on the item being valued, approach to valuation and sufficient justification for all conclusions drawn in the course of work. 
We have been working on the valuation market for 15 years, and uphold our reputation as a reliable partner and professional appraiser.
You will have an experienced team of experts to work with, who know all the nuances of valuation. All appraisers are members in good standing of the Russian Society of Appraisers
Our reports meet all Russian statutory requirements and are accepted at such banks as Sberbank, RosEvroBank, and other Russian banks.
Our experience in carrying out the most complex projects speaks to the high level of trust shown by our clients:
- valuation of premises on the 38th floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow City
- valuation of the lease payment for the use of the unified service space of Kazan Railway Station
- valuation of shares in GUM Trading House
Our team
More than 70 professionals work at our firm.
Valuation services are provided by 7 experts, each of whom has their own specialization.
Satisfied clients include:

Our approach is based on a clear understanding of business objectives and effective methods for achieving them!