Recovery of accounting

“The best employees are not suitable for the highest positions, but they are good as support staff”

Gaston de Lévis

Recovery of financial and tax accounting

Recruitment for financial business units

Successful recruitment is the key to success of any company. Expertise of employees and their personal skills greatly affect the prosperity and profitability of any business. For that reason, recruitment is one of the main tasks to be solved to enable the company to increase its profits and move to a new level of business development and expansion.


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Recruitment for accounting, economic and financial business units of the client includes the following stages:

  • we thoroughly study the open position, i.e. develop a job profile (determine tasks, anticipated results, professional qualities and person specification)

  • we develop an applicant pool (job market research, searching for prospective candidates and conduction of selection interviews)

  • we conduct multiple stage interviews in our office (in-person professional and psychological testing)

  • we check references of chosen candidates

  • we discuss the most suitable candidates with our client and provide detailed commentaries and results of professional and psychological tests

  • we arrange interviews between chosen candidates and client’s representatives in client’s or our office


Interviews are especially important because they include professional and personal tests


Professional testing is a written test intended to detect candidates’ professional competencies. Tailored for activities of the client company and job position level, the test includes general and specialised matters and cases related to candidate’s job profile.


Psychological testing is intended to obtain a summarised profile of a candidate and assess risks that may arise from hiring the new employee. The test is intended to identify candidate’s personal skills (expressed in behaviour, motivation and decision-making as well as personal awareness and responsibility) and is necessary for helping the employer to make the right decision. The interview includes a number of tests that identify candidate’s motivation profile as well as teamwork and leadership skills. We use a wide range of methods and questionnaires necessary for finding the right employees for our clients.


In-person interviews are attended by a subject matter expert and a professional consulting psychologist who notes down commentaries and candidate’s answers.


In addition, we provide advice on personnel selection, adaptation and assessment.


We can provide our recruitment service as a whole or in the form of separate stages mentioned above.

Having a great experience and expertise in finance, accounting and tax law, we recruit and select specialists because we are experts in these fields 

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