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Contestation of cadastral value

Cadastral value of real estate is the basis for the assessment of land and property taxes and rent charges.


In theory, cadastral value shall be as close to market price as possible. However, in practice, it is often overstated (sometimes it is several times larger), which increases the tax base and becomes a serious problem for real estate owners.


Contestation of cadastral value may significantly reduce unreasonably overstated property tax and rent charges.


This service is a complex process consisting of several stages, each of which requires the participation of highly skilled lawyers and appraisers. Mistakes made in choosing partners may be too costly.


Group of companies UHY Yans-Audit has a unique team of lawyers and appraisers and a considerable experience in contesting cadastral values of real estate of different size and purposes – from the largest manufacturing enterprises of the country to small shops and private residences.


We are ready to help our clients have an unreasonably overstated property tax reduced and successfully insist on property tax reassessment.

We will be happy to introduce you to the vast experience of our lawyers. In some cases they won, cadastral value was reduced by over 70%

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