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HR audit
Human resources audit

HR audit is an expert evaluation of the system of HR record keeping for compliance with labour law and the company’s internal standards.


The purpose of the HR audit is to identify risks related to violations of labour law standards and to make recommendations on eliminating these risks.


We offer:

- audit of personnel record-keeping:availability and compliance of all documentation related to labour relations between employer and employee (employment contracts, internal regulations, guidelines, orders, labour safety system etc.)

consultations concerning the application of various time tracking and payroll systems: aggregate time tracking, shift schedules, fly-in fly-out records maintenance and the application of compulsory ratios, allowances, additional payments and compensations; development of incentive/bonus systems (labour participation ratio, KPI), procedures for performance reviews and assessment arrangements.

drafting employment contracts and additional agreements taking into account specific nature of employer’s activity and provisions of labour law.

consultations on the formalisation of labour relations: job overlapping, secondary jobs, contracts with particular types of employees (disabled people, students, foreigners etc.).

- recommendations on personnel record-keeping in compliance with labour law and special nature of employer’s activity.

consultations concerning labour safety: guidelines, journals, special assessment of labour conditions, employee training, instructions etc.


When our work is completed, we issue an expert opinion containing:

- a description of identified violations of labour law and how serious they could be (with an indication of liability and the size of potential penalties)

- a list of absent mandatory documents and instances of non-compliance with the Labour Code of Russia

- recommendations on correcting the identified violations and the work of the HR function

Professional assistance in all areas of HR: from staff recruitment to an HR audit!

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