Investment consulting

“People can copy what you’ve done, but they can’t copy what you’re going to do”

Dennis Crowley, Foursquare

Development of business plans, investment memoranda, and feasibility studies
Demonstrating the efficiency of your business to a bank and receiving a development loan, hitting just the right notes and proving the worth of your project to an investor, starting a new business or a new line in an existing business – all of these are critical steps, which carry financial and reputational risks. In these cases, it might not be enough to have a simple or even a detailed business plan.
The business plan, the investment memorandum, the feasibility study – these are just the tip of the iceberg, under which lies the colossal efforts of a whole team of experienced specialists to prepare a company to take this step.
Our experts stand ready to help you develop the document you need:
- to raise financing (providing a business plan is essential in obtaining investments or loans)
- for management purposes (a business plan with market research and feasibility studies are the basis for investment decisions, and also for monitoring their implementation on time and with the appropriate quality)
- to provide to partners (the provision of a business plan acts as the guarantor of the profitability of a line of business, which increases partners’ loyalty and makes it possible to obtain additional concessions).
Our experience in carrying out the most complex projects speaks to the high level of trust shown by our clients:
- development of a business plan for a meat processing facility for the Cherkizovo Group;
- preparation of a feasibility study and investment plan for a reconstruction project for the Strelka district of Vasilevsky Island in Saint Petersburg, and many others.
Satisfied clients include:
Practical example
We have completed the preparation of a full set of investment documents for obtaining the financing for a project from a foreign fund
Transport (taxi) company asked us to carry out a comprehensive assessment of investment prospects of scaling the current business model to regions, i.e.: an active geographic expansion of the current business into regions in order to attract investments in the project.
Having completed the work, we prepared the following documents necessary for the submission of the project to the investor: investment memorandum, assessment of company’s financial conditions and a financial model of the project.