International experience and Russian practice


UHY Yans-Audit can perform an expert evaluation of the financial and business activity and financial statements of organisations in order to determine possible material misstatements that infringe on shareholder interests.

Such expert evaluations also make it possible to identify possible abuse on the part of company management to the detriment of other parties.

Since schemes for diverting assets are becoming ever more sophisticated in Russia, fighting fraud and protecting the business are objectives that are becoming more and more important to our clients.

Our forensic practice lies at the confluence of audit and legal consulting, and for this reason our lawyers and auditors complement each other’s work, substantially strengthening the body of evidence available.


Our team

More than 70 professionals work at our firm.


The service is provided by:

14 certified auditors

7 auditors with the new form of unified certificate

2 auditors with an ACCA diploma

6 auditors with a DipIFR diploma

5 trial attorneys with more than 10 years experience in handling proceedings of varying levels of complexity

6 lawyers with more than 10 years of working experience.

Satisfied clients include:

Practical example

Forensic audit upon special request of agricultural holding’s owner


We have successfully completed an analysis of efficiency of internal controls and business processes of a large agricultural holding based in Volgograd region.

At the end of 2016, internal auditors and safety officers of the holding detected many signs of financial misconduct on the part of management and main departments responsible for collection, transportation and storage of agricultural products.

Having been informed of the above-mentioned signs, the owner, based on results of a restricted tender, chose our company for carrying out an internal investigation into the reasons of such misconduct.


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ООО «КаргоАгроКом»
ООО «КаргоАгроКом»

X5 Retail Group
X5 Retail Group

Анализ сделок по приобретению магазинов.

ОАО Хлебпром
ОАО Хлебпром

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ООО «КаргоАгроКом»
ООО «КаргоАгроКом»