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Creation of an electronic document archive

In 2012, we developed and put into operation an extension for 1C Accountancy for the creation of bar codes and storage of source documents.

The purpose of creating this system is to automate the process of preparing, processing, monitoring and storing accounting documents for organizations with widely-dispersed divisions.


The system allows the following objectives to be achieved:

- ensure control over the return of signed documents from counterparties, and also increasing the quality and speed of their review

- provide a fast and convenient way to search for documents and print copies without using the hard-copy archive

- ensure prompt entry of incoming documents

- support the simple, fast and convenient transfer of scans of documents to a centralised accounts department

- provide for the automatic linking of an electronic item in the 1C database with the scan of this document

- automate the preparation of copies of documents for audit, tax authorities, courts, etc.

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