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Due diligence
Due diligence
Practical example

Due diligence is a series of measures aimed at obtaining reliable and objective data on not only the acquisition or investment target, but also in general on the level of development of a business.

The professionals of UHY Yans-Audit have extensive experience in conducting comprehensive due diligence reviews, and because we work closely with specialists in various fields of law and finance, our clients get information that is as detailed as possible, so they can make strategic decisions, including a calculation of the fair enterprise value of a business.

Due diligence is based on a detailed analysis of a company’s internal information, statutes, and data provided by competitors and partners.


The work includes:

- review of the reliability of legal, financial and other information

- an objective assessment of the implementation of the company’s short-term and long-term strategies

- drafting of all documents from the standpoint of their compliance with legislation and internal rules

- review of the reliability of tax and financial reporting

- assessment of the company’s competitive position on the market

- identification of the existence and scope of external and/or other debt and encumbrances


Our team

More than 70 professionals work at our firm; of these, the audit department has:


14 certified auditors

auditors with the new form of unified certificate

2 auditors with an ACCA diploma

6 auditors with a DipIFR diploma

5 trial attorneys with more than 10 years’ experience in handling proceedings of varying levels of complexity

6 lawyers with more than 10 years of working experience.


Satisfied clients include

We have completed a major due diligence review


Management company that represents one of the major shareholders of a heat generating company from Siberia engaged UHY Yans-Audit in an external independent review of the state of accounting and the assessment of tax and commercial risks resulted from work of former managers.

Our professionals carried out all necessary due diligence procedures. Based on results of such procedures, management took initial steps in the improvement of management processes in the company. Our report was considered and approved by Customer’s audit committee.

ООО «КаргоАгроКом»
ООО «КаргоАгроКом»

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X5 Retail Group

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ОАО Хлебпром

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ООО «КаргоАгроКом»
ООО «КаргоАгроКом»