With our professional experience and expertise, we provide audit services of exceptional quality!

Our audit approach

UHY Yans-Audit is an audit expert; our approach involves not merely making comments on the client’s accounting system – we offer solutions based on our understanding of client’s business and challenges.

We help to find and reduce risks, improve the quality of management, identify unrealised opportunities, and make our clients’ businesses more stable and secure.

The main principle of our work is to combine effective solutions with an individual approach to each assignment.

Senior managers who are the owners of the firm exercise oversight functions when carrying out projects, which guarantees to our clients that quality will be high, deadlines will be met, and any emerging issues will be promptly addressed.

We give special attention to creating the audit team, which is selected taking into account the specifics of the client’s operations and the auditors’ personal experience.

We conduct mandatory and tax audits, audits of special-purpose reporting and audits of proper use of funds.


Our team

More than 70 professionals work at our firm; of these, the audit department has:

14 certified auditors

7 auditors with the new form of unified certificate

2 auditors with an ACCA diploma

6 auditors with a DipIFR diploma


Satisfied clients include

Practical example

Audit of compliance with licence agreements

Company that owns rights to registered trademarks on the territory of the RF (well-known cartoon characters) concluded a number of licence agreements for using its trademarks: imprinting logos on promotional items, production of sweets and other confectionery, manufacturing and sales of children’s toys and issue of children’s books based on the cartoons.

Under the licence agreement, payment for using the trademark was based on revenue from sales of products released under the trademark; such revenue was disclosed in Licensee’s quarterly reports.

Licensee asked us to conduct a sample audit of information contained in those reports.

And then…

ООО «КаргоАгроКом»
ООО «КаргоАгроКом»

X5 Retail Group
X5 Retail Group

Анализ сделок по приобретению магазинов.

ОАО Хлебпром
ОАО Хлебпром

Ежегодные аудиторские проверки

ООО «КаргоАгроКом»
ООО «КаргоАгроКом»