Accounting services

You focus on business – we’ll handle the accounting!

Why choose us
Practical examples

You will work with a personal accounting expert and a team of assistants who know all the nuances of your firm.

We are completely ready to take on all functions of the accounting service.


We are ready to deal with technical matters:

- support for 1C and its servicing

- electronic submission of reporting

- creation of an electronic document archive

- desk audits and reconciliation with counterparties etc.


We take pride in the quality of our services, and we regularly carry out internal accounting quality reviews for the companies that we service


Client may be provided with round-the-clock remote access to the database


For contentious issues we engage specialists from other departments(lawyers, tax consultants, auditors)

We provide the Client with all necessary information for management decision-making.


Our team

More than 70 professionals work at our firm

Accounting services are provided through the efforts of 22 accountants, of whom:

12 employees hold a professional accountant’s certificate or audit certificate

All lead specialists have experience working as a chief accountant or auditor from 5 to 20 years.

Satisfied clients include:


Our team has completed a large project on 1C:ERP implementation. It was a big challenge, but we have successfully solved  this untypical and complex task


In 2015, a large service company (that has 1400 employees, 25 branches, over 200 separate business units throughout Russia and a turnover amounting approximately to 1 billion RUB) contacted us after making a decision, in 2014, to have 1C:ERP implemented.

Third-party advisors had been engaged in 1C:ERP implementation, but something went wrong, and the implementation process was drawn out causing inconsistencies in accounting; and the accounting process went out of control. As a result, the company incurred substantial financial losses and went bankrupt. By the end of 2016, 1C:ERP had not been implemented because the internal accounting office was closing the first half-year in December. There were conflicts and misunderstanding between branches’ accounting offices and the head office’s accounting department. The state of reporting was far from satisfactory. As a result, management decided to start a business from scratch in a brand-new company.

We were charged with a task of arranging and maintaining accounting records using 1C:ERP in the new company with the same business processes and organisationalstructure.


And then…